Dairy Role Players Urged to Help Direct Economy

Role players at all levels in the local dairy should help to position Namibian Dairy Producers Association in such a way that has a maximum impact on the strategic direction the Namibian economy takes.

This is the plea of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ohlthaver amp List Group of Companies, Peter Gruttenmeyer. He was as a keynote speaker at last week’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Namibian Dairy Producers Association in Gobabis. “As owner of Namibia Dairies, the Ohlthaver amp List Group of Companies is passionate about fulfilling this vision of expanding the industry to help develop the Namibian economy. Each opportunity must be approached with proper planning and the commitment to develop it to its full potential,” he noted.

He added that one of the fundamental ways of developing the economy within the industry by innovative thinking. “With unity, hard work and commitment we can be become synonymous with innovation and positive changes and set an example for the rest of Africa, as well as the global business community. Our development should not just focus on economic facets but also the growth of our labour resources to enable us to be a combined force working towards the aims of Vision 2030,” he said. He stressed the importance of focussing on the inputs of all role players and stakeholders via dialogue to strengthen the industry. “We must support local businesses, service providers and producers and their products as a unit. We must share our pride in Namibian products not just by increased production and sales but also to attract international investors to make a lasting impact on the local economy.”

Source : New Era