Damaras to Meet At Khorixas

DAMARA chief Justus Garoeumlb is calling upon various subgroups within his tribe to gather at Khorixas. The Damara People’s Assembly will be held from 19-21 February according to Abner Xoagub, secretary general of the Damara chiefs council.

“The people’s assembly is an apolitical platform at which every Damara is welcome.The call was made by Damara chief Garoeumlb, Xoagub told The Namibian yesterday.

Transport and accommodation will be organised by the attendees themselves but food will be provided for free,” Xoagub said.

According to Xoagub, decisions will be taken and endorsed by the Damara People’s Assembly, the highest decision making structure, which was held four times after independence. “The People’s Assembly is constituted by the King, executive council, head(wo)man or chief and herhis respective aisers – recognised and endorsed by the King’s Council and People’s Assembly, representatives and observers,” Xoagub said.

The King with the various headmen and women of the 30 clans and selected members constitute the King’s Council for the Damaras.

Damaran known as neNu khoen (black people) comprise subgroups or clans such as Aoguwun, Animicircn, Aumicircn, Arodaman Danidaman, Dacircuredaman, Gaioumldaman, Gainin, Auodaman neAodaman, Hacirckodaman, !Namidaman, Tsoaxudaman, Gowanicircn, Hu!Gaoeben, Khomanicircn,!Ainicircn,!Aobe|aen,!Oeneacircn, !Ommen, !Garinicircn, !Narenicircn, neawan, !Naranin, Huruben !Khuisedaman, neaodaman, !Hacircu nain, and Kaikhaben of which each clan will send a minimum of five and a maximum of ten delegates to the Damara People’s Assembly. Each delegation will include the headmanwoman and aisers. Those who want to make donations to the Damara People’s Assembly can contact neAodaman chief Petrus Ukongo.

Last year a Damara unity conference was held at Okahandja but was boycotted by some chiefs mostly aligned to the ruling Swapo party, who said that that they were not consulted.

Source : The Namibian