Dark Ages for Lüderitz Residents

RESIDENTS of the port of Luumlderitz have in the past few weeks been subjected to power cuts and in some instances, the residents suffered 12 hour interruptions.

Some of the residents informed The Namibian Consumer that the state power utility, NamPower had not informed them why the town was experiencing power cuts. For three consecutive Sundays in June, residents say power was cut.

Tangeni Kambangula of the marketing and corporate communications department at NamPower, said in reaction to the complaints the district office was busy installing a transformer protection system (Sergi) on the transformer at the Luumlderitz substation.

“This process requires that the main supply at the Namib Substation, which supplies the town of Luumlderitz be switched off to allow for the work to be carried out. In addition, old glass insulators are being replaced with silicone rubber insulators. NamPower has during the process installed a temporary mobile sub station to avoid prolonged power outages,” Kambangula.

She said during the installation process all major customers were notified through the NamPower Keetmanshoop District Office of the dates and times of the power outages.

“NamPower will however increase the number of scheduled power outage announcements through the various radio and television channels in order to reach more customers,” she said.

The last power outage was scheduled last Sunday, 29 June to complete the installation of the Sergi protection system.

Source : The Namibian