Daure chief joins Swapo for community’s benefit

UIS; Chief Elias Taniseb of the Daure Daman Traditional Authority in Uis on Thursday informed his subjects that he has joined the ruling Swapo-Party ‘for their benefit’.

The Uis settlement is located some 196 kilometres east of Swakopmund in the Daures Constituency.

Taniseb changed his membership from the United Democratic Front (UDF) in 2010, something he kept secret from his community for fear of disappointing those in support of UDF.

He made the confession during the handing-over ceremony of food worth N.dollars 400 000 from the Knowledge Foundation to the community of Uis.

“I now belong to the Swapo-Party. I have been in the background walking in the dark for a long time, but when things got tough, I changed my mind. I did this so that you, my people, can get something before I die. I do not want to die and leave my people without jobs and food,” said the chief.

He asked the community to forgive him for joining Swapo, saying he did it for them and that he will continue to serve them equally.

The chief said he has no intention of keeping his affiliation a secret anymore, because it does not affect how he serves his people.

“Be grateful that even if I am not from your party (UDF), I will continue to fight for your well-being. The times have changed when everyone used to have enough food to eat. You do not have food and employment, and I will continue to get that for you,” said Taniseb.

In a separate interview with Nampa at his office on the same day, Taniseb could not answer when asked whether the Swapo Government used to sideline him and his community when he was with the UDF.

All he said was “I cannot stay in the sun when there is shade. I am old now and need to do the right things for my people”.

A senior member in the Daman authority leadership, who did not want to be named, told Nampa that it was not necessary for the chief to reveal his political affiliation, as the community expected him to be a non-aligned leader.

Information obtained from Taniseb’s office indicates that about N.dollars 4 million was given to the community by the Namibian-German Special Initiative Programme (NGSIP) in 2013.

The money was used to construct a multi-purpose youth centre in Uis, and a cultural village near the Brandberg Mountain. Both are still under construction.

The clearing of the land where the cultural village is to be built, is underway.

Senior councillor in the Daman Traditional Authority, Eliazer Gowaseb told this news agency the community wants goats when the next distribution of the NGSIP money starts before October this year.

The N.dollars 400 000 worth of food given by the Knowledge Foundation is part of N.dollars 5 million donated to the community to be used for the general development of the Uis settlement, solve the water shortage in Tatamutsi informal settlement, and support small miners in the area.