Days of Thunder – Coastal Drags

Walvis Bay again played host to some of the fastest cars and bikes in Namibia on 24 May. By 13h00, Union Street was packed on both sides with curious onlookers as competitors started warming their tyres for an epic day of racing.

Unfortunately the timing equipment was malfunctioning on the day, so the event was merely treated as a casual racing event. Nevertheless, some scores were settled on the day and some new rivalries were created.

To the amusement of all the spectators, a brand spanking new Nissan Skyline pulled into the lanes with an R34 next to it. The R34 was no match for the newer generation GTR and was left behind even after the GTR had a bad launch. Surprise of the day was an old school Totyota Conquest sporting a blacktop RSI motor, complete with rusted bonnet wreaking havoc amongst the turbo cars. Playing with the turbo boys was Frankie de Rebeira in his R Line Golf who managed quite a few impressive runs. Making up the FRC brigade was the FRC crew with high powered VWs.

Juanita Thelma with her high powered K04 G5 and Lester da Silva in his equally high powered G6 had some fun with the other turbo cars, often leaving them in their dust. Bikes were few and far between, but no doubt that Arno Smit’s Kawasaki Ninja ran the most impressive runs for the day. Other impressive runs were from a stock Mercedes Benz A45, Chevrolet Lumina, Attie Benjamin’s insane G5 and Celo Britz’s G4.

Unfortunately the day was not without incident when Edson came off his bike thanks to a defect in the right lane near the end. Luckily no injuries were sustained.

All in all, a great day of racing. Hopefully the timing equipment will be up and running at the next leg in Okahandja and rivalries can be dealt with properly.

Source : The Namibian