DBHS Headboy, Girl Readier for 2nd Term

Youth Corner’s Sabina Elago talks to Learners Representative Councils (LRC) of the Dawid Bezuidehout High School in Windhoek on challenges they faced last term and how they managed to balance their LRC responsibilities and their school work.

Monray van Wyk (Head Boy): “The most difficult time I have, was to balance my school work and head boy work. I am new at the responsibility and I was struggling to cope with other learners not obeying school rules. But this term I have more experience from last term and this time I can handle anything that comes my way. I will pay attention to my LRC responsibilities and my school work just so my responsibilities don’t take up much time of my school work.”

Valencia Gawanas (Head Girl): “Teachers expect us (LRC) to monitor and keep the school environment in order, but dealing with other learners is not easy as they do not listen to us and I also have to deal with my team (LRC) so I am carrying the whole school on my shoulder and that was a very big challenge as I am new at it. I struggled balancing my school, but I am not disappointed in my performance. This term I am on it I have it all under control now and ready for it.”

Tony Diergaardt (LRC): “We lack team work as LRC and we really have to work on this issue this term. Also as an LRC I have to be a good example to other learners as they look up to us, and balancing my school work and LRC work was a challenge as I have to do this LRC work. Sometime I am late for my class and that is affecting my performance. This term balancing everything is all I am doing and keeping the school in order as teachers have their hand full so they need help from us LRC.”

Manuela van Wyk (Deputy Head Girl): “Getting other learners to listen and take me serious makes my work as an LRC difficult and that took up much of my time, than my school work last term. Both my LRC work and my school work are important to me as I applied to be an LRC and I am taking on my responsibility but only this time I have to balance both my work.”

Sheraldine Vries (LRC): “Working with others learners is a problem because they don’t understand why they need to do anything we tell them. I hope they understand us better this term. My school work always comes first so I pay more attention to it but still do my LRC work as we are there to keep order when teachers are not.”

Christopher Kooper (LRC): “Team work among LRC is not there because some are lazy and they don’t like to work together with others and have to deal with other learners that don’t want to obey school rules, that was a problem last term. We need to improve on team work because when we work together as a team, other learners will listen to us. I always put effort in my LRC responsibility but my school work come first as it is more important.”

Phyllis ya Nangoloh (LRC): “Our responsibilities are to make sure learners behaviours on the school premises are good, and there is order at school, but dealing with other learners is not a walk in a park. We have to deal with learners that did not take us serious and do not want to listen to what we tell them. But that is changing this term. We are going to be serious on keeping order at school and who ever do not obey, we will take them to the principal’s office. I am happy my school work result and that I am able to perform well with LRC my responsibilities.”

Wilne Waters (LRC): “Attitude we get from learners and their misbehaviours were the most challening I faced last term and I hope we work well together this term. I don’t give much attention to the LRC work as my school works need more attention and at the moment that is what matters the most but I still help out when I can.”

Source : New Era