Dear Graduate, Keep Growing [opinion]

THEY say “every finish line is the beginning of a new race”. There you were celebrating a milestone achieved only to realise that you are on a different race once again, a race of reaping what you sowed and what you and your parents have invested in.

We are living in strange and revolutionary times, we are made to think that completing our studies is the start of economic freedom, a cure to the dependency syndrome, yet when we finally finish the race we realise that we are far from achieving the ultimate goal, that of ownership.

The system is constantly trying to fit us into narrow categories that make us more predictable and easier to manage. First you were a student and now a graduate, if not an unemployed one at that.

I bet you still feel like a freshman, confused, pressured, scared and not so confident in your craft, asking yourself how do I become independent and still remain instrumental and relevant to the corporate world.

Here is the thing that you feel is common to all graduates and there is no formula to reaching your ultimate goal (that of ownership) because we all know that when it is yours, it is yours to keep or lose. What separates those who remain with the dependency syndrome and those who don’t is the will power and the hunger for economic freedomindependence. They constantly develop themselves and aggressively seek opportunities to grow.

The road to success is infinite and I hope you continuously equip yourself and pursue personal development. The world of work is highly competitive, stay relevant, stay current, master your craft and until such a time that you gain ownership, keep growing!

Source : The Namibian