Defining Self-Confidence Among Women [editorial]

If one defines self-confidence, what is really the meaning of it? It’s very easy to say it or spell it, but when it comes to practically feeling it or having it, it is totally a different meaning.

What is really required to be self-confident? Is it something for which you need to get a degree, study, attend a workshop or can somebody inspire you to have self-confidence? Or is it something that requires one to stand up and get? There are a lot of questions one could possibly ask oneself, on how to be self-confident.

Sometimes I look at some of our leaders campaigning for a vacant post.

They compete against each other or try to win each other. And when addressing the people they will say ‘vote for me because I’ll not do a,b,c’, but what I really don’t see in them is the self-confidence to express themselves without fear.

They hardly speak about their background, capabilities, skills, experience and knowledge. The self-confidence of expressing themselves on who they are, where they come from, where they stand with life and where they are heading to, is missing. They always seem to hide under information that can manipulate people’s choice. At the end of the day I do not see any honesty, belief, trust and quality leadership in them.

To know oneself takes time too. It’s not an overnight discovery. You have to go through trials – difficulties, problems, pain, fights, anger, sadness, other emotions, disappointments and so forth.

One thing that we do not appreciate is that we do not know how to appreciate problems or difficulties or pain. You might not agree with me, but this is one of the ways we can discover the power we have in ourselves to get over whatever circumstance we are in.

Problems make us g, help change our way of thinking, help discover our capabilities, our belief and trust in God, help us to choose our friends, know who our enemies are, teach us lessons not to repeat the circumstances which led us to whatever situation, be independent, help us in our vision and mission, help us to choose our right partner in business or marriage, the list goes on.

Let us appreciate problems, it helps us to build self-confidence in ourselves and be better persons or leaders.

A self-confident person fears no risk taking. You will see how beautiful life is. You will feel and know the power in you to do any kind of work or job you want to do. The feeling of self-confidence is very inspiring, beautiful as if you are the only one God loves on earth, because whatever you plan gets done with God’s blessings, and you attract the goodness in your life. The impact of stress and frustration will never hit you that badly, because self-confidence makes you g and trust in yourself.

Let us not mistake people who are self-confident as being too proud. I have seen people being judged for being self-confident. They are seen as being selfish, egoistic and so forth. But in truth, a self-confident person does not have time for gossip, partying, and mingling with lazy people. The moment they break free from you, they are busy working, planning, focusing and concentrating on issues that build their lives, communities, the nation and the world at large.

Source : New Era