Deputy PM appeals for quality public service delivery

RUNDU; Public servants should not lose sight of the urgency and importance of quality service delivery, Deputy Prime Minister Marco Hausiku urged.

Speaking during the main commemoration of Africa Public Service Day (APSD) held at Rundu on Monday, he underscored the importance of annually celebrating APSD as a platform to recognise the values and virtues of service to communities, and to showcase public services and goods.

This year, the APSD is celebrated under the theme “African charter on values and principles of the public service and administration: A tool for enhancing government in the open government era”.

Hausiku explained that the African Charter on Values and Principles of the Public Service and Administration is not meant as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ framework for member states, but is supposed to be a broad framework aimed at guiding member states to develop, modernise and professionalise their public services.

“This process needs to be grounded in the main purpose of the public service, which is to promote the general welfare of all citizens, based on the effective and efficient delivery of public services,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Based on Namibia’s track record over the past 24 years, the country has made adequate policy and legislative provision to ensure ‘open government’, but good policies, excellent infrastructure and the country’s contrasting beauty cannot be an end in themselves.

Hausiku said the most valuable changes which civil servants can make is to ask themselves whether they have actively lived up to the challenges of quality service delivery, and to what extend citizens had been engaged in the formulation, planning and implementation of projects and programmes.

He then challenged civil servants to critically reflect and come up with workable suggestions and solutions to challenges faced in the public service.

The APSD was instituted in 1994 in Tangiers, Morocco as a day to reflect on the functions of the public service, give recognition to and make known the importance of the civil service, its positive contribution and benefits to public servants as well as motivate and encourage public servants with new initiatives and innovations.

During the three-day commemoration taking place from Monday to Thursday this week, several public lectures and discussions pertaining to public services will be delivered.