Designer, Loux, Features in Global Fashion Doccie

Lourens ‘Loux’ Gebhardt, also known as The Vintage Guru, became the first ever Namibian designer to unleashed a fashion documentary titled Feels Good to Be You, on social network this month.

Loux says the documentary is a campaign done by 7up Brand from South Africa, in celebrating African talents when it comes to fashion. The documentary is produced by Vice UK, and shot on different locations in Johannesburg, South Africa. “The documentary showcases my lifestyle from the humble beginning, what I do on a daily basis. Also showcases the clothes that I wear with my friends,” says Loux. Loux adds that the aim of the documentary was to show the world who is really The Vintage Guru because he went viral in the fashion world and people wanted to see his clean and sophisticated style. “Being an inspiration to both young people and elderly in Africa, 7up Brand asked me to do the doccie so that other people in Europe may also be inspired. The documentary focuses mostly on how people can put their clothes together to wear them each and every day as well as a sense of self unique style,” says Loux.

He adds that in the documentary, he tries to preserve Africanism amongst people and also to celebrate Namibian history and where people come from. “That’s why I collaborated with a group of other designers and stylists from South Africa and blends with the name Love Is African,” says Loux.

“I came up with the documentary to reach out to the world at large that Africa has different talents and that we (Namibia) can enter the fashion market at any given time. I am also trying to educate other creatives in the fashion industry to work together in unity. That is why I opted to collaborate with my native friends in South Africa,” he says.

Loux goes on that the documentary has already started inspiring those who watched it and he have been receiving inboxes and emails from people all over the world. These include those who would want to do fashion collaboration with him and also those who decided to transform their fashion styles from being ordinary to that of vintage and sartorial.

However, Loux’s garments are designed with a mood board theme, mostly being associated with vintage. His Clothing Line is Loux and Csqured.

He says Csquared is more of a South African franchise. “I am proud to say that I am happy to be a part of the Csquared Family. We recently opened up a shop in Carl List Mall. So any person who would like to look like a real gentleman is welcome to visit our store,” explains Loux.

“Being a fashion designer, I have gained experience in exploring variations in the design of experts with an intention to achieve empathy through networking with associate professionals on the international level. Currently I am based between South Africa, Kenya, Germany and Italy with the aim of getting an education and hands on experience from highly and well-trained and qualified mentors in the fashion industry,” he says.

Loux adds that his biggest achievement being a male fashion designer is winning the Best Male Designer at Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival in Ghana last year. And locally designing outfits of some of this years’ Namibian Annual Music Awards (Namas) presenters as well as designing Miss Namibia finalists’ garments last year. “The year 2014 has been viral to me in terms of designing. I have been featured in many fashion magazines and news journals, both local and international, and had an opportunity to be part of three international fashion shows in South Africa, Ghana and Germany, as well being part of a premium exhibition and being nominated in the category of Premium Young Designer Awards at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week,” says Loux.

This year, Loux is also planning hosting his own fashion show as part of his university project, which he call “final show”, where fashion students will be showcasing their garments in terms of the knowledge gained both educationally and experience. This is as per the requirements of Edexcel – an international British (UK) education system primarily designed to redress the perceived imbalances between skills learned in the classroom, and the resulting applications in the workplace.

Loux was born in Windhoek and attended his primary school in Karibib and moved to Windhoek where he did his secondary school. He also did a short course in Internal Auditing at the University of Johannesburg while studying Accounting and Finance at the Polytechnic of Namibia where he recently graduated and obtained his diploma.

This year he also plans to push both his brands, Loux and Csquared. “Also I plan to showcase my collections at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week and Berlin Fashion Week in Germany,” he says.

Source : New Era