Destombs Wants Successful African Women’s Championships

Council of Southern Africa Football Association (Cosafa) consultant Sue Destombes says attention to details will be key for Namibia’s Local Organizing Committee (LOC) if the country is to stage a successful African Women’s Championships in October this year.

Destombes, the Chief Operating Officer with Cosafa was in Namibia recently at the invitation of the LOC to assist with the setting up of terms of reference for each sub-committee. “From the beginning to the end it’s all about paying attention to the little things as the big things will gradually fall into place,” she emphasized. “If one does not pay attention to the little things and have timelines to work towards, there is a tendency to run out of time and one could end up chasing tails. Planning time and time again and team work will bring success to the LOC in its endeavour of hosting a resoundingly successful African Women’s Championships, which is expected to showcase the best of African women’s football on offer.”

Asked about the legacy that she would want the championships to leave behind, she emphasized the transfer of knowledge and skills to Namibians as her major task and ensuring that future events are organized with much more expertise.

Source : New Era