Detained Suspect’s Facebook Account Active

THE Facebook account of detained murder suspect Andre Fidel Castro Dausab which has been active since Wednesday this week, could be a tip of an iceburg on the amount of communication people remanded in custody have with those on the outside, police have said.

Deputy Commissioner Sylvanus Ngishidimbwa told The Namibian that this is a cause for concern to the force and they will launch an investigation into the matter.

“This is very common of suspects in the custody to have phones and communicate with people outside. We are working hard to stop the smuggling of cellphones into our holding cells and cut that line of communication,” Ngishidimbwa said.

Dausab is charged with killing his girlfriend Gofaone Motlamme whom he allegedly stabbed nine times and slit her throat at the United Lutheran Theological Seminary Paulinum Campus in Pionierspark.

On Wednesday Dausab’s profile picture was updated, and yesterday his Facebook status read:

“As a driver on a fast track, I saw a lot of warning signs. But we love speed n think its cool, so I cruised beyon limits of luv in my persued 4 hapinez, a wrong turn, yet I trust my car. so i relaxed n on late account, i saw how blind i was. tried 2 stop but my breaks failed n i watch me die(sic).”

One reply on the post asked: “Why are you using Andre’s profile?” and the reply was, “I use it because he is dead and I am alive.”

Police spokesperson Edwin Kanguatjivi said cellphones are prohibited in prisoners’ cells: “It is an offence and the suspect can be charged for having an item that is prohibited in the cells.”

Source : The Namibian