DHR to Focus on Three Raining Areas

Farm Management, Agronomy Production and Dairy Farming Production are the three main areas on which the DHR Management and Leadership Expert cc will focus this year.

Training in Farm Management is designed to provide remedies to the challenges, problems and needs of the agricultural industries. The training addresses challenges and needs associated with farming in the communal, resettled areas as well as the commercial sectors, addressing the different challenges experienced by the various sectors. Hence, the training is tailor made to address the particular situations in all the sectors.

Agronomy Production training will equip farmers in communal and commercial areas with the basic skills they need to run fully-fledged agronomic farming production activities. The course is designed in such a way that it benefit both those who intent to commence with agronomy farming and to meet the specific needs of those who had already made inroads in the agronomic industry.

Dairy Farming Production training will equip farmers both communal and commercial with the basic skills to run a fully-fledged dairy farming operation. The course is also designed to benefit both newcomers and established dairy farming producers.

Source : New Era