Director of Education for the Omaheke Region calls for establishing education placement committee

GOBABIS: The Director of Education for the Omaheke Region, Peka Semba has called for the establishment of a forum which will monitor and evaluate the provision of quality education in this region.

Such a forum, the director said, will bring together various stakeholders especially at the grassroots level of education – in districts and constituencies – to iron out challenges inhibiting the provision of quality education.

Semba was speaking during the regional commemoration of the Day of the African Child in Gobabis on Saturday.

The day is commemorated across the African continent on 16 June in honour of hundreds of school children who lost their lives during the Sharpeville, Soweto uprising of 1976 in South Africa.

He said despite Government’s efforts to provide free and quality education to the Namibian child, quality is still lacking in some aspects of education.

The director said the current outputs of education, especially at primary school level in the region, are not yet up to standard as learners often find it difficult to manage certain simple tasks.