Dissatisfied Landless Youth Cause Mayhem On Social Media

Social media is abuzz with the landless youth expressing their anger at the slow pace of land delivery in the country, with some posting messages that appear to contain threats of violence if government does not address the land issue on or before July 31, the deadline given by the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) group.

Youth leaders from the Swapo Youth League (SPYL) and the National Youth Council (NYC) have however come out gly against youths issuing threats or making statements with violent undertones, saying those making such statements “should be arrested” and that “breaking the law is not the answer”.

AR leaders have nevertheless responded by saying “it is not our wish for issues to be misrepresented”, and do not wish for things to turn violent.

One of the posts that stood out is by Shavuka Mbidhi: “I am ready to die or be imprisoned for land after 31 July. But im also ready to kill.” When contacted telephonically regarding his comments of being ready to kill, die or be imprisoned for land, Mbidhi said: “The message is very clear. People have been waiting for land for a very long time. It is only certain people getting land, the well connected, and the rich.”

However, NYC constituency chairperson Sharonice Busch told New Era that while it should be understandable that the country faces a series of complex and equally important issues, such as unemployment, poverty, a landless population, and “an educational system that is not in coherence with the Namibian economy, [… ] despite all this, we must provide leadership as leaders, breaking the law is not the answer. Killing and grabbing land violates the supreme law of Namibia”.

Close to 35 000 Namibian youths have submitted their applications for erven at various town councils and local authorities countrywide, through the AR movement’s mass application exercise earlier this year, led by former Swapo Youth League leader Job Amupanda, along with Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and George Kambala.

“Is grabbing and killing the agenda of AR? We are aware that they are inspired by Thomas Sankara, we all know his history, he never insulted his way through to lead a revolution. He provided leadership. Grab land, then what?” questioned Busch.

One of the AR leaders, Nauyoma, told New Era that Mbidhi is not the only one in a position to say that he is ready to kill, die and be imprisoned for his plot. “Shavuka is just one in many cases, we don’t wish for things to go to that extent but as young people we are preparing for July 31 to occupy land in whatever situation dictates at that moment,” said Nauyoma.

Source : New Era