Djembe Lessons Offered

If you want to learn more of the African dance move, TAM TAM, Namibia offers African drumming lessons each Tuesday at Touba Africa Art Gallery, a shop in the Namibia Crafts Centre.

You will learn how to play the Djembe and the 3 bass drums, Sangban, Dundunba and Kenkeni. “I studied the Djembe for about 15 years, and one cannot learn enough, I still want to know more,” says Oliver Weede, who is a Djembe tutor at Touba Africa Art Gallery. At Touba you will learn traditional African rhythms especially from Guinea and Mali. These rhythms have a more than 2000 years old tradition and have influenced nearly all kinds of popular music, reaching from Jazz, Pop, House to Hip Hop.

Rhythm is an international language, understood by each culture worldwide. “Playing Djembe is fun and it preserves and spreads the rich African culture of music. It is a contribution to the g African culture,” says Weede.

The first lesson is for free and after that a lesson is N$150 or N$450 per month which are four lessons of 90 Minutes each. “Everybody is welcome to join the classes. You can start each Tuesday at 18h00 at the Namibia Craft Centre Tal Street,” he invites.

Source : New Era