Doëseb Doubles Back

Johnny Doeumlseb has had a change of heart and will stand for re-election as chairman of the Namibia Premier League.

Doeumlseb announced at Friday’s MTC NPL Awards that he had come to the realisation that his mandate had not been fulfilled given that there were still those who wanted him to stay on as head of the NPL.

His latest assertion, is in stark contrast to his declaration in early March when he tore into NPL clubs, claiming they lacked professionalism and left him isolated in building a g domestic football brand.

Doeumlseb, who has been at the helm of the NPL since 2009, also claimed that “backstabbing and rumour mongering” were partially responsible for his decision to step down at the end of the 2013-14 season, when his term of office was due to expire.

However, Doeumlseb abated fears of his supporters by making himself available for re-election at the NPL AGM next week.

“When the call was made by the president [of the NFA, John Muinjo] who said that the football fraternity said ‘re-consider your retirement’, I want to say comrade Muinjo I’ve reconsidered it. I’ve availed myself. If the football family feels that I’m still fit like a fish, then I will continue,” said the 39 year-old mining businessman.

His decision to stay on at the beleaguered football body may also be key to its ability to retain MTC’s sponsorship.

The telecommunications firm has threatened to end its association with football after a being drawn into the extensively documented public spat involving the NFA, NPL and African Stars.

MTC feel Stars, who had threatened the company with legal action if they supported the NPL in hosting the awards ceremony, have belittled its contribution to football in the country, while the standing of their brand is also being undermined by the ongoing football dispute.

“I wish to remind the football public that the investment from MTC is not immune to removal. It’s under a serious microscope. I don’t know whether we will be your sponsor in come next season,” MTC spokesperson Tim Ekandjo said at Friday’s award ceremony.

However, Doeumlseb moved to appease MTC by waxing lyrical over their substantial support of football over a period spanning more than a decade.

Doeumlseb said without MTC, domestic football would be virtually non-existent, thus they deserved to be afforded the necessary appreciation.

“When we had all these fights off the field, we have been locked up in negotiations in planning how to extract more value from our partner and bring more value in terms of exposure towards our partners. We are not just asking money from MTC and we are not there to devalue the brand of MTC. What we are saying to ourselves is that, let us do things right. I must apologise on behalf of the football fraternity for the negative saga that has been printed through the local media by us. It was unfortunate,” said Doeumlseb, who hinted at a possible extension of the current sponsorship deal.

“I can assure you that after the lengthy process that needs to be followed through, football will be the winner at the end of the day. We will aance the interest of football and come next week Thursday, that will be communicated throughout all the media channels,” he added.

Source : The Namibian