Doeseb re-considers NPL top job

WINDHOEK; Namibia Premier League (NPL) chairperson, Johnny Jonson Doeseb has retracted his earlier decision not to serve in that position after his term expires at the end of this month.

“My term is coming to an end in the next 12 days, but I must say that I have re-considered serving as chairman again if the management thinks I am strong for it. I can still do it,” he said during the Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC)/ NPL 2013/14 awards’ ceremony here on Friday.

No date has yet been set for the NPL leadership elections.

Doeseb, in March this year, said he will step down from that post when his term runs out in July this year.

He has been at the helm of the NPL since 2008.

Doeseb listed various reasons for stepping down, including the lack of professionalism at club level ‘to do the basics right’; a lack of serious commitment from teams in terms of building a strong football brand; and the clear lack of development structures in Namibian football.

He also lashed out at local football clubs for weak efforts to attract spectators.

“Almost all the teams sit back, and all they do is wait for MTC’s monthly grants, and they do absolutely nothing to generate their own revenue.

When their monthly grants are a few days late, they complain instead of doing something to sustain themselves,” he said at the time.

Doeseb has been at the forefront of negotiating a mega-deal with MTC, which saw the telecommunications’ company invest over N.dollars 40 million in football for the next three years (2014-2016).

During the awards’ ceremony, Doeseb stated that it was not easy to convince MTC to “unlock the true value of football” through financial assistance.

The NPL boss said when he was appointed as chairperson, he was entrusted with an important task to transform football in the country, ‘which I did’.

“Let me assure you that by the end of my term and knowing that there will be 16 clubs in the next season, I will make sure that MTC’s N.dollars 15.8 million investment will increase to N.dollars 18.9 million,” he said, adding that additional clubs means more money is needed.

The clubs promoted to the elite league are Citizens; Mighty Gunners; Rebels; Benfica, Touch and Go; and Julinho Sporting.