Domestic violence on the increase in Gobabis: Abel

GOBABIS: The Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s commander for the Omaheke Region says domestic violence has been on the increase at Gobabis, mainly due to the irresponsible behaviour of those involved in relationships.

Speaking during a public meeting with the community of Gobabis on Sunday, Commissioner Josephat Abel warned men to avoid ending the lives of their partners when their relationships turn sour, and called on women to desist from getting into relationships for money.

“I would also like to tell men that the end of the relationship is not the end of the world, but the world ends for the victim when murder is committed. There is no reason why you should turn on somebody you claimed to love and kill them. It is just not worth it,” he said.

The tough-talking regional police chief warned women to avoid exhorting money from their male partners, as this often has disastrous consequences.

Abel said some women have fallen into the habit of not working for themselves and instead rely on men to provide for them.

He noted that some women also depend on men to buy them alcoholic beverages at shebeens and other places selling liquor, which could lead to them being sexually abused.

“Women must be careful when demanding money or accepting money for drinks from men. That guy will come and collect his money in other ways if you agree. Trust me, nothing is free in this world,” said Abel.

He also urged women to come to the fore and report cases of domestic abuse, and never remain a victim by not involving the police.

The commander said while the police are tasked with the maintenance of peace and order, there is no way the police can patrol the bedrooms of residents.

“Women have to speak out. There is no way the police will know what is taking place in your houses if you do not come forward with information,” Abel said.