Domestic workers targeted by criminals at Avis

WINDHOEK: No one is spared from criminals activities. Lately an increase of criminal activities ranging from robberies, house breaking, theft from most or vehicles and lately robbing and threatening of domestic workers caused residents of Avis to establish a neighborhood watch.

Despite the area that is until recently spared from serious crime, domestic workers are also not spared at all. Criminals lately target the workers during the day when they are awaiting the municipal buses that take them back to their respective residential areas.

When Nampa arrived at the one of the two bus stops in that residential area, the reporter found several workers that told this reporter that they are scared as the criminals sometimes opt to use force to rob them from their belongings.

Petra Kolman are one of the many concerned workers that have to face the elements of being attacked, robbed or even murdered for her salary that she has to share with her family in the south.

‘I have children and other family, and they depend on the income, we do not feel safe, and we have problems with the busses that we use as transport, they are late, they never come on time’ Kolman told this reporter.

Even in the mornings, the busses are late, this makes our employers to complain if we are late at work.

Another worker Lena Veldskoendraaier also told this reporter they are vulnerable while waiting for their transport.

‘Our families are waiting for my salary, and if i get robbed, how will they survive’ she asked. She added that taxis often take advantage when we alone next to the road, and often intimidate us to rob us from our belongings.

Another worker who wanted to remain anonymous told this reporter that the criminals watch them from the nearby bushes, and when they see the busses are late they then take the chance to rob us. ‘most of the times we are worried and vulnerable to their attacks’ she said.

Nampa also spoke to an employer, Essie Herbst, who took it upon herself to ensure the women and handful of men are safe on the bus before leaving the bus stop.

Herbst encouraged all employers to make sure they know all the information about their employees deemed necessary to ensure their safety as well.

‘Know her by her name, her detail like her residential address her household circumstances to understand all her needs’ Herbst said.

Herbts also encouraged employers of domestic workers to know when they leave their houses, so they (the employers) can open the gates to prevent them standing outside making them more vulnerable to criminals.

‘Make sure you let your domestic worker leave on time so they can be on time for their transport to take them home ‘ Herbst said.

She ended by saying to inform domestic workers about who are and who are not allowed on the premises, to prevent people from illegal entering the premises.