Don’t Hand Our Legacy to Chinese [analysis]

I AM PART of the public voice bidding that the three Chinese men found with 14 rhino horn in their bags – at Hosea Kutako airport (well done, Security!) – must remain in prison without bail. Thus far, I feel and believe that the judge has made the right decision in keeping them there.

Despite their complaint of tough prison life, they ought to have thought of this before breaking the law. They claim that the bags were not theirs. Unless they can give substantial proof – evidence that leads to the real owners of the bags responsible for the crime (put each of them on a lie-detector if need be) – they must be found guilty as charged!

The reputation of the Chinese in their belief in the powers of the rhino horn exceeds common sense. Rhino poaching has [once again] become a major crisis. Last year South Africa alone lost over 1 040 rhinos to poaching. Certain countries in central Africa have announced the extinction of their rhinos. Kenya has stated that rhinos can no longer survive in the wild.

Is Namibia next? Are people actually considering being lenient? The number of rhinos killed in Namibia this year has increased and suspicious planes with Chinese flying over Etosha National Park with cameras should jolt us into action to raise our guard and show – strictly – that we as Namibians, will not tolerate this.

This is the start of our own war against poaching. Releasing the three Chinese from custody without substantial evidence of their innocence will not only give them a free pass to leave the country and disappear forever, but will also send a wrong message to other countries and would-be poachers that Namibia is a “free to kill” country where poachers can kill game without severe penalties, should they be caught.

We do not want to be the next killing ground for game and wildlife. I am not alone in stating that anyone caught poaching – rhino or elephant especially – should be given no quarter, Asian or not.

Save our wildlife for the children!

Source : The Namibian