DPN Supports Any Opposition Candidate for Presidency

THE Democratic Party of Namibia (DPN) has urged its members and sympathisers to vote for any opposition candidate during the upcoming presidential election.

In a press statement issued yesterday, the party’s secretary general Adam Isaak said his party decided to only participate in the National Assembly elections.

“We in the DPN should not support any Swapo candidate, irrespective of ethnical or racial considerations, simply because we cannot support a party which failed us, and are discriminating against us,” Isaak added.

Isaak said the party since its inception in 2008 contested elections on all levels, adding this was a particular exercise mainly to familiarise itself with the challenges and also to experience the possible viable avenues that could be exploited in such an exercise.

” We see it as very important for the purpose of planning and to equip ourselves with tested strategies. This need, we believe, has been addressed. Now, as our second phase, we are about to put to test what we have experienced through trial and error, on different levels ranging from local, regional and parliamentary elections, and thus won’t be contesting the presidential race for the 2014 elections,” Isaak added.

Source : The Namibian