Dr Tjiriange Urges Youth to Study On National Youth Day

During the celebration of National Youth Day in Rundu on Saturday Dr Ngarikutuke Tjiriange encouraged young people to focus on school and to unite irrespective of political affiliation.

“Our task was to liberate this country for you and now comes your task as the youth. You have a war to fight, the war against poverty, hunger and the war against diseases and also the war to develop our country in order to meet the goal of Vision 2030, that is your war and you don’t need a gun, all you need is your mind so study,” Tjiriange urged.

The event was celebrated under the theme ‘Celebrating 20 years of National Youth Council,’ in reference to the establishment of the council 20 years ago on 20 April in 1994.

Tjiriange further urged the youth to get involved in constructive activities.

“Being in bars won’t liberate us from poverty and other societal evils that are affecting our country. Nobody has died for not drinking alcohol, but many have died from diseases that came from it, so do something that is good for your health, as the youth you need to be g and healthy, instead of being in the bars use the time for things that can benefit you and the people around you.

“The government has put programmes in place for you, programmes like TIPEEG, the SME Bank and others that are at your disposal and can assist young people.

As long as you have good ideas, starting your own business won’t only benefit you, but the whole country since you will employ others, who will also be able to put bread on their table.”

Dr Tjiriange is the special aisor to the Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration.

Source : New Era