Drug Addicts Get High in Graveyards

Residents of Tsumeb are dismayed by drug addicts and other riff-raff who have turned the town’s graveywards into smoking havens. It appears that even youngsters make their way to cemeteries in the late afternoon to go and smoke cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine and other drugs.

Parents feel learners frequent the graveyards to ‘shoot drugs’ as other people do not easily go there. New Era visited one of the cemeteries that is no longer in use as it has reached full burying capacity.

A resident living close to the cemetery who spoke on condition of anonymity said not only learners are going there but also adults in cars. They park under the trees where they smoke a variety of narcotics.

“I don’t know where to start but even adults together with small children go to the place where many elders are resting eternally – they go there to please the devil. One is scared to speak as you never know what a drugged person can do,” she said.

She further expressed fear that those getting high may even commit evil acts such as rape.

“How do we know our daughters are safe? Men know exactly how to lure young girls they could rape and kill them at such a sacred place,” she said further.

A man occasionally doing maintenance work at the cemetery and who also spoke on condition of anonymity said most of the culprits mark the time of their visits. They wait for the workers at the cemetery to knock off before they go there to relax and get high.

“These guys have become smart now. They don’t come during the day anymore they come when we knock off. Some tombstones are so big that they hide behind them making it difficult for people to see them. It is sickening to say the least,” said the graveyard maintenance worker.

When contacted for comment the mayor of Tsumeb Ndangi Shetekela said it was “uncalled for” and “disrespectful” to many families who have family members resting in the graveyard.

“I am not aware of this, but I want to caution the youth. It is illegal to use drugs and if you are doing it at a cemetery it’s even worse. It is disrespectful. We need to see what we can do,” the mayor assured Tsumeb residents.

Chief Inspector Stephan Nuuyi who works with community affairs in the Oshikoto Region said he was not aware of the case but would alert his investigators to sniff around.

Source : New Era