Drug Squad Accused of Bad Policing

POLICE have urged communities to help clean up the streets of drugs by naming and shaming officers who work with dealers.

Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga made the appeal following an outcry by residents of the Damara Location after a drug bust along the Fillemon Eichab Street last week.

“To restore the dignity of the unit, if there are officers in the drug force unit who are indeed working with drug lords, members of the community should come forward either to myself or deputy commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi at the public relations office.

We need the public to have full trust in the force. We urge them to report these disgraceful acts,” Ndeitunga said.

A 68-year-old woman and a mother of four, who asked not to be named because of fear of victimisation, told The Namibian that they report to the police about so many people in the area, but nothing comes of it.

She also said that drug lords get away with the crime because of some bad and corrupt police officers.

“There are four drug dealers in this area. We all know about them. For a long time now, they have not seen the inside of a police cell because they are using our children to push the drugs for them. The drug squad knows who they are, but they are untouchable,” she said.

A youth in the area said he sells drugs (on behalf of drug lords) and knows how the drug squad operates.

He said dealers who have been in business long enough, use their friends within the drug squad to arrest rivals who also peddle drugs.

The youth also said the drug squad members know exactly who the drug barons in each location are. He said the reason why the drug lords are still operating is because officers in the drug squad “get something from these drug lords” in return.

Other members of the community asked the police chief to shuffle officers in the drug squad if he wants to see a difference on the streets.

Police spokesperson Kanguatjivi, who said the police are busy conducting a two-week operation called Salama, urged the community to report any complaints against rogue police officers.

Source : The Namibian