Dstv Subscribers Tired of Repetition

Some DStv subscribers are not pleased with the repeat of programmes on the various channels.

A few DStv subscribers said they were fed up with watching the same programmes played over and over for months.

“We are tired of watching the same programmes, DStv repeats most of their movies. They play the programmes with the same scene for a very long time, that makes it poor service,” said Mathew Andreas.

Subscribers took it further to say that watching TV has now become boring.

“We are tired of watching the same movie on channel 110, M-Act, and repeats of the same movies on channel 152 and 153. We are paying premium,” said one frustrated subscriber who obviously spends a lot of time in front of the TV.

However, Roger Gertze, General Manager, MultiChoice Namibia, said the programme repeats are an integral part of the television environment.

Channel providers internationally repeat movies and programmes to allow viewers to plan viewing time at their convenience, he added.

“The purchasing of programme and movie rights is based on a model whereby programmes and movies are purchased for a certain number of screenings,” said Gertze

He also shared with New Era that this allows for the movies or programmes to be shown at different time slots to allow viewers a choice of when they would like to access the programming.

“Repeats in the case of a multi-channel environment allow subscribers not to miss out in instances where two or three interesting programmes are flighted at the same time. They also enable subscribers to plan their viewing time more effectively,” Gertze said.

Gertze stated that DStv never previously received such complaints.

Source : New Era