DTA Claims Police Campaign for Swapo

DTA of Namibia Outjo coordinator has accused police officers in the town of campaigning for Swapo by putting up the ruling party’s election posters.

The coordinator Andrew Kelly told the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) officials during a meeting on Thursday that the police were putting up Swapo posters a few kilometres outside Outjo.

He said the posters were put up on Monday last week by officers who were driving in police vehicle.

Outjo station commander Adolf Xamiseb said police officers are not allowed to take part in political activities and aised Kelly to approach his office so that they could address the issue.

“Bring the names of the police officers and we will investigate the claims immediately,” Xamiseb responded. Kelly told The Namibian that a day before police officers put up the posters, he phoned the station to report that DTA posters that had been removed at Camp 5 and other sections of the town.

Kelly said Xamiseb was not cooperative and had cut the phone when told about the removal of the DTA posters. Xamiseb, however, denied receiving the call from Kelly, saying if he had indeed cut the phone call, then he must have been in a meeting. Kelly said police involvement in political activities is a clear sign that they are campaigning for the ruling party.

ECN officials did not comment on the issue. At the meeting UDF vice president Dudu Murorua complained about the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs), saying: “When you vote with ballots you know but with the machine you don’t know what will happen.”

ECN’s Kunene region cocoordinator Ismael neOuseb said using EVMs was a done deal and might only be changed next time. Tryphosa Moloto, who represented UDF, asked if there is a backup in case the results are cleared by mistake. neOuseb said the results can be retrieved by pressing a certain button. There will be 143 polling stations in the Kunene region.

Epupa constituency will have nine fixed and 24 mobile polling stations, Kamanjab constituency will have six fixed and 11 mobile polling stations, Khorixas constituency will have seven fixed and 13 mobile polling stations, Opuwo Urban and Opuwo Rural will have seven fixed and 17 mobile polling stations.

In Outjo there will five fixed and 10 mobile polling stations while Sesfontein will have seven fixed and 13 mobile polling station.

Source : The Namibian