DTA, CoD Visit Pohamba

Two opposition parties, the DTA and the Congress of Democrats (CoD) visited President Hifikepunye Pohamba for consultative meetings at State House on Monday.

DTA leaders, led by party president McHenry Venaani, were first up to consult Pohamba on issues affecting the Namibian people during the closed-door consultative indaba. The DTA former president, Katuutire Kaura, was part of the delegation.

Venaani told Pohamba: “There is a myriad of socio-economic challenges that need to be addressed to open up the economic base of the country.

“That is why we are here as a party to share our ideas on how to develop the country’s socio-economic fabric and to deepen the economic base,” Venaani told Pohamba.

Meanwhile, the CoD secretary general Tsudao Gurirab thanked Pohamba for working closely with opposition parties.

“It is a pleasure to work closely with you and we value consultations with you which gives us a platform to share our views and concerns,” said Gurirab.

“We also hope that, even after your retirement, you will continue to avail yourself for the sake of nation building,” said Gurirab.

The CoD president Ben Ulenga could not attend the meeting as he was in the Zambezi Region with one of the parliamentary committees.

Pohamba told the two parties that leaders from all sectors must work together for the sake of the country and urged them to maintain peace and stability.

“We must not jump at each other’s throats the way it happens in other countries, we should not allow this situation,” said the president.

Monday’s consultations with opposition parties were the last now that Pohamba has met with all opposition parties represented in parliament.

Source : New Era