DTA Condemns BDF Abductions

The DTA of Namibia has condemned the alleged recent abductions of 70 Namibian fishermen by Botswana Defence force (BDF) soldiers.

BDF soldiers have also previously shot to death several Namibian citizens on the pretext they were caught poaching in the Chobe National Park in Botswana. In a press release issued recently by its national secretary for information and publicity, Lascan Sikosi, the DTA said it was concerned with the security of Namibians living along the border of the two countries.

“We totally condemn the actions of the BDF as barbaric and unlawful. We are talking of poor Namibians who are unemployed and depend on fishing to support their families. We are now very much concerned with the security of our fellow Namibians that are residing at the border between Botswana and Namibia as they live in fear,” stated the DTA national secretary for information and publicity in reaction to a news story initially broken by a New Era stringer in Katima Mulilo.

The DTA which requested a speedy intervention by the Namibian government also accused the BDF of disrespecting the sovereignty of Namibia.

“We demand that the BDF respect the geographical boundaries of our republic today not tomorrow. Our people are suffering at the hands of the BDF every day in areas such as Muyako, Nakabolelwa and Kapani. We are requesting the Namibian government to find a lasting solution,” further appealed the DTA.

Last month, the BDF are alleged to have abducted about 70 Namibian fishermen at Situngu Island in the Kapani area of the Zambezi Region before they were detained for four days on suspicion of illegal entry.

The 70 Namibian fishermen who included 19 women with children were detained for four days and were only released after they were allegedly tortured and given fines.

Source : New Era