DTA promises free serviced land once elected

RUNDU: McHenry Venaani says if the DTA of Namibia is elected into power, it will ensure that Namibians who cannot afford land are given serviced land for free.

Speaking during a DTA rally held at the Dr Romanus Kampungu sports stadium in Rundu on Saturday, the opposition party’s presidential candidate said this will be done through their urban resettlement scheme.

Venaani said the DTA manifesto is the only political manifesto which speaks about giving land to the people through an urban resettlement scheme, adding that the DTA is the only political party which is serious about addressing the land crisis in Namibia.

He then lashed out at some councilors, whom he said are corrupt, and who dish out land to their family and friends.

Venaani further alleged that most land in Namibia is in the hands of the Chinese and other foreigners, which he said is a worrisome trend.

“The land crisis in the country has reached a point of no return as corruption associated with land is everywhere,” he stressed.

It is also a shame that 24 years after independence, the town of Rundu does not have public toilet facilities and proper roads, he charged, stressing that once the DTA takes over government, the provision of such facilities and serviced land for the urban poor will top the party’s agenda.

Venaani further said the Swapo-led government has failed to provide citizens with the employment it promised many years ago.

He then highlighted the need for young people to have the necessary skills to run the national economy through promoting vocational training on a massive scale.

“DTA is going to make sure that vocational training is given to young people so that when the tenders come to this region, our young people will be the beneficiaries,” Venaani said.

He added that although the Kavango regions have a perennial river, they still have the most expensive water bills.

Under a DTA-led government, one of the priorities would thus be to subsidise water so that poor people can afford water.

The party will likewise ensure better services at State hospitals, he continued his promises.

“Twenty-four years after independence, sick patients are transported by oxen because they have failed to provide ambulances,” he charged.

Once voted into power, the party will therefore improve the doctor/patient ratio in the country by availing resources to train more nurses and other health professionals.