DTA Promises Free Urban Land

THE DTA of Namibia promises to provide free land in urban areas for the vast majority of Namibians who are unable to afford land in urban settings.

The party will also give free collateral to young entrepreneurs, and free training to Namibians as doctors.

DTA President, McHenry Venaani made these remarks at his party’s star rally in Gobabis on Saturday.

Venaani said the Namibian Government’s resettlement programme needs to be extended to include urban areas, because ordinary Namibians who are not farmers have not been benefiting from it.

“Government has been concentrating on providing land for farming purposes, while the majority of Namibians in urban areas cannot afford to buy land. Mind you, most of these people are not farmers and will not know what to do with agricultural land. What they need is land on which they can build their houses,” he said.

The DTA president took issue with the government for allegedly neglecting young and upcoming entrepreneurs, who are asked by financial institutions to provide collateral as a prerequisite for start-up loans for their businesses.

He said should the DTA come to power, the party will provide mentorship programmes for young entrepreneurs alongside collateral guarantees so that they can acquire loans.

Venaani bemoaned the poor state of the health sector, noting that doctors and nurses in Namibia are not professional in their handling of the sick.

“All you get when you go to a clinic or hospital is Panado, Panado and more Panado. If you are complaining of a headache – Panado a stomach ache – Panado. This weak service needs to stop henceforth,” he said.

Taking a swipe at the ruling Swapo Party, Venaani said Namibians should not allow the ‘Swapo legacy’ to continue, as it has been a legacy of poor service delivery to the majority of Namibians, especially the poor.

He challenged the Swapo Party to release the Government Institution Pension Fund’s (GIPF) report on the missing N$ 650 million from that institution, in order to allow for public scrutiny.

“If Swapo is serious about service delivery and the fight against corruption, let them release the GIPF report. Money went missing, investigations were conducted and a report compiled. Release the report, that’s all we ask,” he noted.

The DTA is one of 16 parties contesting this year’s Presidential and National Assembly elections to be held on 28 November.

– Nampa

Source : The Namibian