DTA, RDP to Hold Electoral Colleges

Two of Swapo’s top contenders during the upcoming national elections will hold their electoral colleges to draw up party lists in the coming weeks.

The main minority party, the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) will convene this coming Saturday to elect its 96 candidates for the National Assembly, while DTA of Namibia will hold its electoral college next week on September 27.

With elections less than three months away, none of the registered minority parties have held their electoral colleges thus far.

RDP’s director for elections, Nick Kruger yesterday told New Era around 257 delegates are expected to attend the elective college in Windhoek and he indicated that an independent body will be roped in to conduct the elections on that day.

The delegates will comprise of the party’s 72 central committee members, 25 delegates from the party’s women’s wing and 20 from the youth wing.

“We would like to those who do not wish to be in the pot to notify us so that we can make the necessary preparations for things such as ballots,” Kruger said.

Kruger, who is also the Windhoek East Constituency Councillor, said the college will be a one-day convention, adding that he hopes that the election outcome will be made available as soon as possible.

“We will be doing things according to the party constitution as well as decisions already taken by the CC. We are still a young party but we have learnt from our past mistakes, and this time around we will make sure there are no loopholes,” said Kruger.

DTA Secretary General, Vinsent Kanyetu said the regions and the candidates wishing to compete for the list have until Friday to submit their names.

All eyes will be set on Friday to see whether the party’s old guard, Phillemon Moongo and Katuutire Kaura will be attempting to compete for a place on the list in order to remain in the National Assembly next year, this will depend on the number of seats the party will gain during the national elections.

Attempts to get hold of Kaura yesterday were fruitless as his phone was switched off.

Sources within the party revealed Moongo who was recently hospitalised, but has since been discharged, might not be in a state to compete.

“I was discharged recently and I am well now. I know many just want one to die when they hear you are hospitalised,” said Moongo yesterday before putting the phone down.

In preparation of the upcoming Presidential and National elections, APP will hold its Electoral College at Peace Garden Lodge (just outside Grootfontein on your way to Otavi).

The convention will be preceded by the 3rd Central Coordination Committee (CCC) meeting starting at 10h00 on September 20, 2014 followed by the Convention, starting at 15h00 and will conclude with the election of the candidates to complete the 2014 election party list.

Other opposition parties are yet to make public when they will hold their electoral colleges.

Source : New Era