DTA Recruits 58 New Members

DTA of Namibia recruited 58 youth from Onamhindi village in Etayi Constituency in Omusati on Sunday afternoon.

Most of the youths told New Era they are new comers to politics while some said they voted for Swapo in the previous election although they did not have Swapo membership cards.

Julius Hamutenya, 21, one of the new members that joined DTA said it is for the first time he is going to vote and he publicly decided to join DTA as a political party of his choice.

“I did not vote before but I know with DTA we can make it. I have been fond of DTA since I was in school hence my trust in it,” Amutenya told New Era.

Letu Nghidinwa 31-years of age said he chose DTA as a trusted political party that can challenge and compete favourably against Swapo.

“I have been voting for Swapo for the past years but there is no different in terms of development, we are still drinking dirty water in our village now I decided to go and vote for another political party which is DTA,” he stated.

Mutota Isai from the same village also said that he wants water and electricity at their village and that will only come if the ruling party is challenged.

Receiving the new members, chairperson of the DTA, Hidipo Hamata said DTA is the only party in Namibia fighting for the wellbeing of the people and this can be seen in their manifesto.

“We are the only party who wants the best of our people the ruling (Swapo) party is misleading the nation about drought food, forgetting that people were already receiving pension grants as well as drought foods. The money they are giving to the elderly and the disabled does not belong to any party but it is your money,” said Hamata.

Hamata told the new members that they have made a great decision to join DTA because DTA of Namibia wants to see that each and every Namibian taste the independence cake that the forefathers fought for them.

Source : New Era