DTA Says Swapo Failed Khorixas

THE president of DTA Mchenry Venaani claims that Swapo has brought no development to Khorixas because it is an opposition ghold.

“Nothing was built here for the past 24 years. All things were built under the interim government and Damara Council,” Venaani told a meeting held at former DTA parliamentarian Johannes Gaseb’s house on Friday.

He singled out the magistrate court and Khorixas constituency councillor’s office as those built by the Swapo-led government.

“Swapo failed Khorixas. Don’t blame the town council. People don’t need to let Swapo win locally to get development,” he said amid cheers adding that the Swapo candidate Hage Geingob has been in the government since independence.

“Geingob is an old man and not new at all,” he said.

Venaani said the government is responsible for developing all the areas in the country equally because all people are Namibians.

He warned against tribal politics and that those promoting it should stop because it is not good for Namibia.

The DTA leader questioned the huge interest Chinese have in Namibian politics after they donated more than 50% of what was donated at a Swapo gala diner in the North recently.

Venaani charged that politicians travel to China for free and their close associates get study bursaries, after failing Grade 12.

He further said he would not want to see the !Gobs’ having shops, while others are suffering. The !Gobs’ are an influential family in Khorixas from where Khorixas constituency councillor Sebastian !Gobs hails.

Venaani also took a swipe at how health facilities are run saying nurses don’t give attention to patients who have to wait long hours for doctors.

Source : The Namibian