Dust Gags Lewis Street Residents

Residents of Lewis Street in Windhoek West claim they are falling ill, because of the dust being generated by construction work currently underway next to their homes.

They are asking the construction company to put up dust barriers to limit dust emmissions to nearby homes, saying their health concerns have been ignored and claim to have developed breathing difficulties and chest problems due to the inhallation of dust generated by the company’s activities. However, the City of Windhoek said it has not been made aware of the problems and that it would send a team of health inspectors to assess the situation.

“In cases of that nature we always send representative from our office to assess the situation and to listen to both parties’ complaints,” said City of Windhoek spokesperson, Joshua Amukugo. The construction company says there is very little it can do, because of the nature of the job.

When New Era visited Lewis Street yesterday, which is a narrow street off Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue the street was blocked for several minutes because of the construction activities.

“Our houses are full of dust, everybody is coughing, we wrote a letter to the minister, the permanent secretary, but have received no response to date,” said Gilbert Mutwa, a resident in the street. Apart from the dust Mutwa also complained about the levels of noise pollution caused by the trucks. “Imagine that these trucks will be here from as early as 06h00 a.m., seven days a week, when do they expect us to rest,” he asked, adding that the company should have made an effort to consult with residents in order to agree on the timing of their operations.

A mother of three, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said she fears for the health of her children, because the main gate of the construction site is situated right next to the garage they are renting and this also poses a constant danger that her children are going to be run over by a truck.

“I can no longer allow my kids to plays outside, because of the dust and the danger,” she said.

Source : New Era