Easier Access for Blind Voters

ALL BLIND and visually-impaired voters will find it easier to vote in the Presidential and National Assembly elections on Friday.

ECN corporate communications officer Vikitoria Hango told Nampa on Monday that Braille signage is being installed on the electronic voting machines for visually-impaired voters.

“The EVMs have a provision for the visually-impaired. The ECN has also been teaching people who are visually-impaired how to vote with the EVMs. This was done by explaining to them how and in which order political candidates or parties appear on the ballot papers which is inserted in the ballot unit making it easier for people who are visually-impaired to know which button corresponds with which party or candidate of their choice,” she stated. Visually-impaired voters can thus cast their ballots during the elections without relying on someone else to do the marking for them.

In past elections, the blind or visually-impaired had to rely on election officers to guide them through the voting process.

Meanwhile, the ECN has said it has in the last three months successfully completed five elections using EVMs. In all these elections, no objections, contestations, complaints or disputes were registered on the use of the EVMs.

The delay in the counting and announcement of results experienced in the general elections of 2004 and 2009 will be something of the past, according to the ECN. – Nampa

Source : The Namibian