East Weather With a Vengeance

EAST weather season was faithful again this year with its arrival during April. At the coast, East weather is synonymous with Easter time – with the Easter weekend ahead.

This year the east weather came with a g east wind – that has not been so common in the last few years. Wind speeds at the central coast reached up to 50 knots (which is about 90kmh), bringing with it clouds of desert sand (and flies in the case of Swakopmund).

Visibility was poor, especially on the routes between Swakopmund, Henties Bay and Walvis Bay, where one was unable to look further than 10 metres.

Dune sand on the roads was also a danger to traffic.

Not only that, but the heat drove up the mercury close to the 40 degrees Celsius at some places, forcing people to seek coolness in the sea, pools and sprayers.

By yesterday, the winds calmed down and some warm weather is still expected today (Monday) but with colder misty weather predicted until the weekend.

Source : The Namibian