EBank Set for Roll Out

THE next phase of the newly formed EBank is a roll out plan, says newly appointed CEO and Executive Director, Mike Mukete. The bank which has been awarded a full licence, will operate as a fully fledged bank with branches across the country.

“The next phase of our roll out is the piloting of transaction processing within a controlled environment at various partners’ premises. At the same time, we are also focusing on the integration of our systems into Namclear (Clearing House) that will allow us to be connected to other commercial banks. Once integrated, EBank will formally launch its banking solutions to the public,” Mukete said.

Mukete says the model EBank is a fully-fledged commercial bank that uses internet and mobile technology.

“New generation banking solutions rely on the innovative use of technology to meet the expectation of clients for easy, safe and smart banking. The EBank banking model will accomodate any Namibian, whether employed or unemployed, low, middle or high income earners,” he said. The bank is 100% Namibian owned.

Chairperson of EBank, Monica Kalondo said the idea of EBank started two years ago

“The challenge to continuously find new ways of making a difference in the lives of all Namibians has always been a key focus for Pointbreak. Our ambition is to develop and introduce solutions that will enable each and every Namibian access to relevant financial, investment and banking instruments. The approval of a full banking license now allows us to implement our dream of establishing a new generation, inclusive banking institution,” she said.

EBank’s technical partner is TYME, a South African based firm. The bank shareholding is Pointbreak Group Namibia with 42,44%, TYME at 42.44% and the remaining 15,12% is owned by key Namibians including Monica Kalondo, Martin Shipanga and management of EBank.

“The intention, over time, is for shareholders to further dilute to include more Namibians and staff,” Kalondo said.

The board is made up of John Steytler, the statistician general of Namibia at the Namibia Statistics Agency, Yvonne Dausab, deputy dean of the Law Faculty at the University of Namibia, Martin Shipanga, a business personality and entrepreneur, Coenraad Jonker, CEO of TYME SA, Gerald Riedel, a chartered accountant and Monica Kalondo.

“The attainment of a banking license was a key milestone. The challenge is to prove that our inclusive banking model can succeed in the second least-densely populated country in the world,” said Kalondo.

Source : The Namibian