ECN in Kunene ready for elections

OPUWO: The Kunene Region does not have the required number of vehicles for the elections on Friday.

Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) coordinator for the region, Ismael Ouseb said they still need 40 more vehicles.

He told the media here on Monday that they have strategized how to use the vehicles at their disposal, while waiting for extra vehicles from Government or private people who want to assist the ECN.

Other than that shortage, everything else is in place for the upcoming Presidential and National Assembly elections.

“We are ready, the preparation trainings were completed for polling and retaining officers, and sensitive materials that include the ink, ballot papers as well as the electronic voter machines (EVMs) arrived last Saturday in the region,” said Ouseb.

The sensitive materials for the elections are being kept at the police stations in Opuwo.

He added that they have the required number of EVMs and personnel to make a success of the national election process.

The Kunene Region has 141 ECN teams. Eighty-nine of these teams will cover Kunene North that includes Epupa, Opuwo Urban, Opuwo Rural and Sesfontein constituencies, while 52 teams will be deployed in Kunene South that includes Khorixas, Outjo and Kamanjab constituencies.

Two helicopters from the Ministry of Defense Force (NDF) will be used to cover the hard-to-reach areas in Kunene North.

About 846 polling and retaining officers will be working in the region.

The first teams will be sent out on 26 November.