ECN vehicles involved in accident in Kunene region

FRANSFONTEIN; Three vehicles belonging to the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN), were on Wednesday evening involved

in an accident on the Fransfontein – Khorixas road, leaving one vehicle badly damaged.

No fatalities or injuries were reported in the accident.

The vehicles were transporting election materials from Kamanjab to the Khorixas constituency in the Kunene Region when the accident happened

The ECN Regional Coordinator for Kunene Region, Ismael #Ouseb, said the accident happened at around 19:00, when a truck – which was driving in the middle of the road – hit one of the oncoming ECN vehicle.

The impact caused the remaining two ECN vehicles, which were in close tow of the first vehicle, to ram into each other from behind. The vehicles which were driven by ECN officials were transporting Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and other non- sensitive materials such as stationery to be used at polling stations in the Khorixas constituency.

The EVMs and the non-sensitive materials were collected from the main ECN centre for Kunene Region, at Kamanjab and were destined for the Khorixas constituency.

He said none of the essential materials were damaged, and that the accident will not effect the process of voting come friday when Namibians will go out to elect their national leaders who will lead the country for the next five years.

He added that only one vehicle was badly damaged in the accident while the other two can still be used during the elections.

Meanwhile, #Ouseb said the ECN teams covering Sesfontein has already been dispatched, while the mobile teams for Kamanjab, Opuwo and Khorixas are already out in the filed awaiting elections day.

There are 13 mobile ECN teams and seven fixed polling stations in the Khorixas Constituency.