Education Inspector Dies After Collision

The education inspector of Onankali circuit in Oshikoto Region died after months of battling injuries she sustained in a collision with a train in October last year.

Taimi Mushelenga-Kamati, who is known for her immense contribution in the education sector, passed away on Saturday evening in the Windhoek Medi-Clinic hospital where she had been hospitalised for close to nine months since the accident on 25 October last year.

According to her broth Mushelenga-Kamati was on her way to deliver a motivational speech at a teacher’s funeral.

Mushelenga noted that no one really knows what caused the accident because she was alone in the car, however her car was found next to a railway line, smashed on the right side.

“We don’t really know what happened, but her car was found at the scene hit at the driver’s side,” said Mushelenga. She suffered injuries to her legs, arms, head and ribs.

After the accident Mushelenga-Kamati was treated in Onandjokwe Lutheran Hospital and Oshakati Intermediate Hospital before she was flown to Windhoek where she had been receiving treatment.

According to Mushelenga his sister was never able to speak since her tragic accident and had been bed-ridden in hospital.

“She never spoke since the accident. She was in hospital ever since and was only discharged for a week or two when she showed a few movements but she was again hospitalised shortly a few days after,” said Mushelenga.

Mushelenga-Kamati was a graduate of the University of Hare Fort in South Africa. She first worked in a shop belonging to a well-known businessman, Israel Jona, before joining the teaching profession where she worked as an English teacher at the Andimba Toivo ya Toivo school.

Thereafter she worked as an education officer at the Oshikoto education directorate before she was promoted to the position of senior education officer in the same region.

At the time of her death Mushelenga-Kamati was an inspector of education in the Onankali circuit, a position she took up in May last year.

She is survived by her husband, three children and five siblings.

Mushelenga-Kamati is the eldest sister of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peya Mushelenga.

Source : New Era