Education Soes Ordered to Use Own Facilities

All state owned enterprises (SOEs) that fall under the Ministry of Education should in future make use of their own facilities to host functions instead of footing expensive bills for the use of private and other public venues, directed the Minister of Education Dr David Namwndi yesterday.

“All SOEs falling under the Ministry of Education, be it the University of Namibia (Unam), Polytechnic of Namibia, NSFAF, in future if you have functions first use your own venues, unless when they are not available, then you can go out. We have our own venues at Poly and Unam. We cannot empower others at our own expense. This directive goes to all SOEs under the ministry,” said Namwandi when launching the 20145 – 201819 strategic plan and website for the National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) at the Safari Hotel in Windhoek.

The education minister said in recognising the importance of research, science, technology and innovation as an engine for economic growth and development, Namibia adopted the NCRST as far back as 1999 and enacted the Research Science and Technology Act in 2004 (Act No.23 of 2004) for this purpose.

“Although initially the implementation of these policies and legislative instruments were somewhat slow this is changing, especially with the emphasis placed on investing in research and development as set out in Vision 2030 and the Fourth National Development Plan (NDP4),” he noted. NCRST chairperson Professor Andre du Pisani called on media houses to train journalists in the fields of science and technology to better analyse and interpret scientific research. He also emphasised that the commission should strive to be “consistently” trustworthy and honest in the way they deal with NCRST work.

“We do not need to be asked to act nor do we need detailed instructions. We make things happen, guided by a clear purpose. I encourage the NCRST staff to make the implementation of this plan a reality, through the development and implementation of the annual business plans at organisational and departmental level, while cascading it into individual scorecards supported by the performance management system,” he urged.

Source : New Era