Edugate and Otjiwarongo Win Classic Clashes

Edugate and Otjiwarongo Secondary School were victorious in FNB Classic Clashes netball matches over the weekend.

Edugate beat another private school Moria 33-29 while Otjiwarongo beat Etosha Secondary School 41-27.

In the Edugate match Lelanie Steyn was crowned as Namib Mills Hero for academics and sport.

She is a confident and outspoken person and was recently named Miss Edugate. Lelanie also has a dream of becoming a biology teacher.

According to organisers the Edugate match was a thrilling encounter with some brilliant play being displayed by both teams.

Both teams had a chance to win the match but Edugate eventually won, albeit by a narrow margin. FNB Classic Clash woman of the match was Gretha Pearson who scored 30 goals.

In Otjiwarongo, the home side beat Etosha for the first time in three years with a score of 41-27.

The Namib Mills Hero was Kevin Mieze, also for Academics and Sport. Kevin is ambitious and believes that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Shalet Shipanga walked away with the title of FNB Classic Clash woman of the match.

Vicky Muranda of FNB Namibia: “I have been told that it was great atmosphere and a lot of spark came when both captains were dropped at the field by helicopter. We are so happy with the way the schools embrace the FNB Classic Clashes and every year it becomes bigger and better.”

Source : The Namibian