Eenhana Expect Its First Fashion Show in December

Eenhana hosts its first ever fashion show on December 6 promising a glamorous event at the Monte Carlo Entertainment Centre.

The event, which will be hosted by Tjemo Bar and Restaurant in conjunction with the Eenhana’s Ombetja Yehinga Organisation (OYO) dance group, is expected to attract many fashion designers from the northern towns, according to one of the organisers, Nestor Flybek, who is the main musician scheduled to entertain revelers at the event. Rachel Nafidi who is also the owner of Tjemo Bar and Restaurant says they are happy with great number of the turn up at the braai and fund raising event held last week at this bar and restaurant. “We are expecting more fun come the 6th December and we are happy that the fund raising braai went well because we have raised a considerable amount of money for the event. People received our invitations and some T-shirts sold out during the fund-raising braai. We also want the public to know that there are young talented designers and models and they have created a lot of work to show to the public,” says Nafidi.

“Some revelers were happy and we promise them more fun at the show in December,” she adds. The aim of the fashion show is to promote the African culture because most clothes that will be paraded will be of African origin with an urban Oshiwambo traditional touch. Nafidi says they realised that most people are into American and European fashion so they are trying to change that by making African fashion in a modern way,” adds Nafidi. Doors will open at six O’clock in the evening (18H00) with entrance fee ranging from N$ 30 to N $ 50 depending on where you want to sit during the show. Tickets will be available at the doors.

Source : New Era