Eenhana PS Queen to Be Role Model

Newly crowned Eenhana Primary School 2014 Annual Tournament beauty queen, Tulipomwene Ndeikayele, promises to be a role model to all primary school learners here.

“I will make sure that I reserve enough time as a role model to educate my fellow female learners about sex education. We would like to engage our communities and parents on sex education issues since Ohangwena region has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy and poverty,” she declares her intent. The seventh grader vows to work with the Ohangwena Community radio station (OCR) to disseminate information about teenage pregnancy in the region.

Josephine Shapopi, Grade 5 at the Paulus Hamutenya Primary School is first princess while Lucia Angula, a Grade 6 learner at Eenhana Primary School is the second princess. The event saw more than 15 young primary learners contesting for the crown. The Eenhana Primary School Annual Tournament was launched last year to encourage all primary school learners to partake in different sport codes. The sport codes include soccer, netball and tennis. Event organiser, Shino Ndevashiya, of Faith Media Printing, says the tournament has become an annual event with the beauty pageant following in the evening after sports. “We want to motivate our young learners in Ohangwena region to love sports, hence our decision to hold this event annually. We should also thank other individual partners from the Eenhana Primary School such as Laimi, Anna and Candy for their support in kind,” appreciates Ndevashiya

The Eenhana Primary Schools Annual Tournament and beauty pageant has the objective of aancing national pride among young school learners in the Eenhana town while also helping young Namibians deal with social problems affecting the Namibian youths such as teenage pregnancies, alcohol and substance abuse and inculcate them with the responsibility towards their school work.

Source : New Era