Eight BBA Hotshots Up for Possible Eviction This Week!

It seemed like forever as housemates waited and waited for Biggie to announce the list of nominations.

But not before too long the announcement was made and once again the world was as it should be. This is the pan-ultimate week and ahead of the final vote this week’s nominations separated the safe from the not so safe. Macky2 added Ellah to the unfortunate list. The nominated housemates this week are: Goitse, Idris, JJ, Sheillah, Tayo, Sipe, Trezagah and Ellah.

For Sheillah, it was clear that those nominated were definite threat. She may have been onto something seen as now was the best (and perhaps only) time to eliminate the threat. She and Tayo launched into a rant and rave clearly having picked up some notes from the book of “Otono”. They affirmed the list of the nominated as g contenders who weren’t going anywhere – par for the course.

The game was shifting into the last gear and the Hotshots had learnt a thing or two about how to intimidate people and instill a sense of insecurity. Butterphly was not impressed with the outburst and buckled under Sheillah’s shots.

Sipe’s world came crushing down as she heard her name and immediately after she had won the Star Gift. Happiness was short lived in this house.

Head of House Macky2 added Ellah in place of himself and rendering her on the chopping board for a record-breaking sixth time now. And this may have been Macky2’s reasoning behind adding her. Many assumed the fact of her being saved so many times showed that she was indeed a g contender. For the same reason we wonder if he reckoned Africa would keep the beauty queen in one last time. She was suspicious of course and M’am Bea approached her to calm her down. Tayo could not believe his fate as he sat down and wept silly. Biggie announced that the housemates were pranked throughout last week with the return of the exes. Tears streamed down Tayo’s face and he could not even explain why he was crying.

After Biggie told the housemates to unfreeze, Goitse stayed in her position and had tears run down her cheeks. Idris also stayed in his chair and did not move as he perhaps could not believe what had happened. When Tayo started crying, M’am Bea went over to comfort him and soon after, she went and wept in Ellah’s arms. Nhlanhla joined the ladies in a group hug and encouraged M’am Bea not to cry as they had gone through a lot already.

The housemates did not seem at all impressed with Biggie’s prank but were definitely glad to have remained in the house. Emotions got the better of them as some seemed upset at the whole ordeal. Idris went to sit outside and Ellah joined him. The gent did not look like he was keen on any company but remained calm nonetheless.

Goitse sat on her own upstairs, crying and staring into nothingness. Idris went up to her and held her in his arms whilst she cried. The two bonded a little as they reminisced about Feza who had given them a talk. Downstairs, Butterphly sat quietly, seemingly in a sulky mood.

Housemates started thinking back to the characters that were brought into the house and analysing how they strategically played them. We hoped that they had at least learnt something from the ex-housemates as JJ also pointed out that in as much as they were on a mission they gave them fair criticism about how they were perceived outside.

With only two weeks left of the Big Brother Africa show, things were bound to still get heated up in the house. Which Big Brother Hotshots housemate has what it takes to win?

With Goitse, Idris, JJ, Sheillah, Tayo, Sipe, Trezagah and Ellah on the chopping block this week, you know only have until Sunday to vote and keep your favorite housemate in the house for the grand finale.

There are four ways to vote, Via SMS, Via WeChat, Via http:www.bigbrotherafrica.com and Via the mobisite on your mobile phone. To vote via SMS: Text the keyword ‘Vote’, followed by the name of the housemate to the short code number for your country. For example SMS “Vote Permithias” to 15626. Don’t forget to tune in to Sunday’s eviction Show 20h00 on AfricaMagic Showcase amp Maisha Magic and 21h30 CAT on AfricaMagic Family, AfricaMagic World on GOtv, and then switch across to DStv Channel 198 straight afterwards to see what Big Brother has up his sleeve for the nominees.

Source : New Era