Eiseb stock-theft case postponed to January 2015

GOBABIS; The stock-theft and assault case in which community members were assaulted after they discovered suspected stolen cattle at Eiseb Block in 2011, was on Friday postponed to next year.

The Otjinene Magistrate Court’s presiding officer Alexander Venacius postponed the case to 21 January 2015 for the setting of a trial date.

According to court records, four men were assaulted on 15 November 2011 after they had confiscated cattle from suspected cattle rustlers at Eiseb No. 10 in the Omaheke Region’s Otjombinde Constituency.

The accused in the matter are 13 men from the Eiseb area, who allegedly outnumbered the four men and brutally assaulted them.

The accused are Ebson Kanguatjivi, George Hengari, Gerson Hengari, Kovazandu Hengari, Corner Kanguatjivi, Vakamuina Kanguatjivi, Unotjari Ndjavera, Steve Korupanda, Mbatemua Korupanda, Munionganda Korupanda, Doose Hangero, Daniel Simeon and Jakuaterua Kanguatjivi.

They all are facing a charge of stock-theft and assault, with the exception of Jakuaterua Kanguatjiti, who only faces a charge of stock-theft.

The suspected cattle thieves allegedly stormed into a holding fence which was used to temporarily accommodate the cattle, and pounced on Nathaniel Ndjarakana, Philimon Nghishiko, Venotjari Tjikuzu and Tjirimejo Hirokoherua.

The community members were assaulted with knobkieries and iron rods.

The four men had been on the trail of four cattle which went missing a few days earlier.

These cattle belonged to an elderly Okomukaru village resident, Sigfried Ndjarakana, in the same constituency of the Omaheke Region.

After finding the cattle, the four allegedly drove them to a temporary holding facility at Eiseb 10, with the permission of a traditional leader in the area.

However, upon learning that the cattle had been driven away, the suspected cattle rustlers followed and found the victims at the holding fence, where they allegedly proceeded to carry out their assaults.

The incident occurred less than a year before the killing of prominent leader of the anti-stock theft unit of Aminuis, Hiambepo ‘Major’ Kazeurua, whose body was found bundled into an aardvark burrow.

Kazeurua was also on the trail of suspected stolen cattle when he was killed.

Ian Malumani appeared for the State.

The accused in the matter were represented by Gobabis-based defence counsel Wouter Maske.