Elections still to kick off on Friday – ECN

WINDHOEK; The Presidential and National Assembly elections will go ahead on 28 November (Friday) as planned, the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) said on Wednesday.

Elections Director, Prof Paul Isaak issued a statement on Wednesday, saying the election process will continue as scheduled despite the mooted Supreme Court appeal of the dismissed application for the postponement of the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

The initial application was brought to the High Court by African Labour and Human Rights Centre Director August Maletzky, the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) and the Workers’ Revolutionary Party, seeking a postponement of the elections because of a lack of a paper trail.

High Court Judge Kobus Muller however dismissed the application with costs on Wednesday, saying it was not his jurisdiction to rule on the matter but that of the ECN. He also said the applicants had ample time to bring the matter before court, but failed to do so.

In his statement on Wednesday, the ECN chief said the election body has already instructed its lawyers to oppose any appeal whenever it is to be heard in the Supreme Court.

Isaak said the public should not be discouraged by the many conflicting messages on the election, saying the elections will proceed on Friday as proclaimed by the President of the Republic.

“The ECN would like to state that the appeal to the Supreme Court has no effect on the elections on Friday. The elections will proceed as scheduled,” he stated.

He further said the ECN would like to guarantee members of the public that everything pertaining to the election process is well organised, and people must just go out there and exercise their democratic right to vote.