Eleven Women Raped Over Easter Weekend

ELEVEN incidents of rape were reported countrywide over the Easter weekend, including that of a five-year-old.

Sergeant Billy Kamusuvise of the Women and Child Protection Unit said of the 11 cases, eight occurred in different parts of Katutura and seven victims are in their early-to mid-20s.

Kamusuvise said the five-year-old was allegedly raped by another child whose age was not given.

As for the other women in Katutura, Kamusuvise said what is worrisome is that all the seven who reported that they were raped, did not return to the police to lay formal charges against their attackers after they had been sent for medical examinations.

“What happens when a rape victim comes to the police station to lay a charge is that the officer who attends to them should immediately call an officer from Women and Child Protection Unit and this person must accompany the victim to a hospital where they are to be examined,” he said.

In this particular case, Kamusuvise said most of the women reported the cases in the wee hours of the morning. He further said the first cases were reported on Thursday evening and others in the early hours of Monday.

“From what I have seen, one of the contributing factors was alcohol consumption since most of the women were coming from clubs or shebeens,” he said.

“We asked the women to return in the morning to lay formal charges, but all of them did not show up. Luckily, we take contact details to follow up on them, so far we have traced some but they are too traumatised to continue with the cases or to have come back the following day,” Kamusuvise said.

But Khomas crime coordinator Deputy Commissioner Sylvanus Nghishidimbwa said the police should meet rape victims halfway.

“It is very strange that all eight victims just did not turn up to lay formal charges. It could be that the police were not sensitive enough or it might be that they (victims) did not understand that they should come back the following day. Either way, I request the victims to come see me so that we can take their cases further,” Nghishidimbwa said.

Clinical psychologist Shaun Whittaker aised rape victims to follow through with their cases.

“Most women who go through court cases do better emotionally. It might be hard during the court case but after that they begin to accept and start with the healing process.

“The most important thing is the test by the medical doctor. I will aise rape victims to see a doctor immediately after the attack and not to take a shower or sleep on it. This examination can help bring the perpetrator to book,” Whittaker said.

In Otavi, on Thursday, 17 April a 21-year-old woman was grabbed from behind at about 24h00 and dragged into a toilet at the Otavi Single Quarters by three suspects who allegedly took turns to rape her. All three suspects, aged 21, 24 and 28 years were arrested.

In the Omaheke Region on Friday 18 April, a 50-year-old woman was allegedly raped by a 30-year-old man as she walked home from a bar. The suspect was arrested and is in police custody.

In Otjinene, a 24-year-old was allegedly raped by someone she knew, but the suspect is still at large.

Source : The Namibian