Endola By-Election Campaigns in Full Swing

PREPARATIONS for the Endola constituency by-election slated for Friday are in full swing, with the three contesting political parties conducting house-to-house campaigns.

Swapo has nominated Ferdinand Shifidi the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) is being represented by Hafeni Pius, whereas CoD has fielded Venda Denis Kahangu.

The Endola by-election came after the death of Swapo councillor Ruth Kapewa Nhinda in August this year.

Timo Shikongo, the RDP regional coordinator, told The Namibian that his party has dispatched foot soldiers into the constituency and voters are looking forward to casting their votes.

Shikongo said the RDP stands a very good chance of winning the by-elections because it keeps on improving and moving forward all the time.

“Our aim is to take over Endola constituency. We are certain about that but if we do not win the by-election, it will not be the end of the struggle. We will keep on trying our best,” said Shikongo.

He said the party hoped that the chaos of the Ohangwena by-election early this year will not be repeated.

According to RDP, some ECN officials tried to influence the elderly to vote for the Swapo Party during the Ohangwena by-election.

The RDP also alleged that the ECN and the police allowed people to cast votes on behalf of others.

Shikongo said the party experienced challenges during the house-to-house campaigns where many of the elderly complained about lack of knowledge on the use of the electronic voting machines, since voter education had been insufficient. Swapo regional coordinator Hafeni Hatutale also said his party was ready for the by-election.

Hatutale urged the voters to go out in numbers and cast their votes. Efforts to get comments from the CoD Ohangwena regional coordinator Boas Mwapopi were unsuccessful.

Source : The Namibian